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[ 03/November/2010 ]
StarCraft: Frontline Manga Style Comic

Frontline is an ongoing series of short manga style stories in Tokyopop's black and white comic book format based on the StarCraft universe. Each story is written and drawn by a different group of authors and artists which allows for a diverse range of visual and written storytelling.

The manga style allows for detail when needed as well as for character focused sequences where the background is left almost blank. The drawings also show the impact and inevitable influece of japanese comic books which pretty much a trademark of Tokyopop's editions.

Most of the stories I have read so far fend quite well by themselves, they aren't deep or extremely complicated but at least they manage to develop what they focus on, be it the context, the setting, the characters or some event around them. I dare say that they are, short and all, much better than the graphic novels and other comic book hardcover collections based in Blizzard's game franchise.

Since each tome is a collection of stories I thought it wiser to focus on the series as a whole when writing about it rather than on each book. I'll comment each and give a short glimpse at the stories we can find inside, as well as highlight authors and/or artists where need be.

Volume 1

A glimpse at the reasons why each of the three factions figh; an interesting insight into the Terran, Zerg and Protoss and what drives them. A Thor pilot that is using the war to accomplish his own goals; in the process of following them he discovers that even he can find the unexpected. A story about a boy and his powerful Senator father and how a visit to an unofficial Vespene Gas facility results in some unwanted visitors showing up. In between the struggle of a highly condecorated pilot and his ex-apprentice we learn a little more about a new combat vehicle: the Viking (this is the first part of the story).

StarCraft: Frontline Volume 1.
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