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Men of War mini screenshot.
Men of War
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J de Juegos Presents: Men of War Unofficial Strategy Guide | 12/Marzo/2010 [Webmaster]

Finally, after more time than I had planned, I can announce that the J de Juegos Presents: Men of War Unofficial Strategy Guide is available for sale.

The digital edition book is being published by TheEbookSale and is available in a normal quality edition (optimized for digital distribution 20MB) as well as a High Quality version (160 MB). The content is identical for both editions, the only variation is that they were configured to different degrees of quality when compiling. What this truly means is that if watched on large monitors at high resolution the high quality edition will suffer less visual corruption than the normal edition.

The normal edition is 9,95 US dollars, and the high quality 14,95 US dollars. Both can be bought and downloaded immediately from the publishers store at the following URL (payment methods accepted include PayPal and credit cards).

TheEbookSale Store - J de Juegos Presents: Men of War Unofficial Strategy Guide

As far as I know, the guide is very likely the first of its kind as digital editions go. It has 372 pages, it is full color, fully graphical, full of details, descriptions, renders and screenshots acquired from within the game or its Gem editor. It includes all the vehicles that can be used in multiplayer (126), all of the weapons, items and equipments for which there is information available (108), a per mission guide that comprises the three single-user Campaigns (19 missions), as well as for the additional five bonus scenarios.

Each vehicle has its own datasheet with descriptions and renders, and the e-book includes a comprehensive list of all vehicles sorted by category at the end, so they can be compared easier among those of other factions. For each item, piece of equipment and weapon there is also data, description and renders.

Each mission includes a detailed description that highlights the critical moments, useful strategies and tactics, troublesome scripted events, type of enemies that show up, and how to win the scenario avoiding to a maximum the heavy --unentertaining-- spots. The guide has been written in a way that it advices and points out the best way to advance each scenario (accomplishing goals) without taking away the open-endedness and sandbox style of gameplay that the game offers; that is, it isn't a description by formula, nor a step-by-step walkthrough to win. Besides, the game wouldn't benefit from such a layout and the idea is to help enjoy the game more, not take away the entertainment and turn everything into tasks of a to-do list.

The Guide also includes a profile of the game, Men of War, as well as a description of how it evolves from Soldiers: Heroes of World War II. It also features different tactics and strategies that can be assembled with the different motorized and infantry units.

The links bellow offer a sample of what can be found in the e-book, as well as how it is designed. With the idea of letting those interested compare both editions there is a sample for each properly compiled with the respective quality settings.

sample for the normal quality edition sample for the high quality edition
J de Juegos Presents: Men of War Unofficial Strategy Guide small cover. J de Juegos Presents: Men of War Unofficial Strategy Guide small cover.
PDF - 21pgs - 3,5 MB PDF - 21pgs - 8,9 MB
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